2 Bedroom 1 Bath Poster

2 Bedroom 1 Bath


Michele Hicks – Rachel
Andrew W. Walker – Kevin
Eric Roberts – Dr. Philip Tenenbaum
Dee Wallace – Rose
Costas Mandylor – Frank
Jack Donner – Old Man Thompson

Executive Producer: Dino Dos Santos & Dulcilene Reed Chick
Producer: Al Bravo
Directed By: Stanley Yung
Director of Photography: Carmen Cabana

A young couple moves into what appears to be the perfect home, but when they discovered that they will soon become parents, things begin to fall apart. Rachel, the expecting mother, is visited and tormented by a ghost in a red dress. At the same time, Kevin, the soon to be father, simultaneously begins to experience issues at work. What was once a happy couple, is torn apart by horrific events which all seem to be centered around the birth of their unborn child.

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