These are some of the projects we are currently working on. If you are interested in being part of any of these upcoming projects, feel free to contact us about our investor opportunities.

Badland - Coming Soon

Secret Service agent Valerie Caine flees to Mexico after being accused of murdering a U.S. Senator. She is tracked down by a former colleague and taken into custody. While being transported back, the plane crashes into the Mexico badlands. Caine is the only survivor. She is rescued from the wreckage by a twelve year old boy who is running from a gang of cartel killers. He has something they want, something given to him by his murdered father and will kill him to get it. Caine and the boy reluctantly join forces to survive against the elements and the forces of evil tracking them. When the plane transporting Caine vanishes, another Secret Service Agent, Terry Armbruster, is assigned to locate her whereabouts. His operation is clandestine by necessity since the Secret Service has no authority in Mexico. Armbruster tracks Caine down and the secret he has been keeping is revealed.

Knuckles - Coming Soon

KNUCKLES : Deuces wild is the story of Ethan Gray, a young hustler from the Midwest who gets mistaken for a high stakes poker-playing mobster in Las Vegas who also happens to be a Cage fighter. This wouldn’t be so bad if this mobster wasn’t involved in one the biggest heists in Sin City. Ethan bit off more than he could chew and is about to play for the highest stakes ever: His life.

Badland - Coming Soon

When detectives Jack and Ashley embark on a murder investigation that immerses them in the ancient history of New Orleans, they discover that its Native American history is wrought with secrets. When the crime is linked to the Hamiltons, a powerful local family, the mystery deepens. As they begin to work with Thomas, one of the sons of the Hamiltons who had separated himself from the family for 10 years, it becomes evident that they are dealing with something far beyond the typical murder investigation. Thomas begins human genome research testing with Professor Alastair Van Zandt. As more and more of the family’s history is unraveled, it becomes clear that their problems run much deeper than petty disagreements. Soon the deepest secret is revealed: that the Hamiltons are plagued by an animalistic curse that has affected them for centuries.

Skeletons in the Closet - Coming Soon

Most people don’t realize that the phrase “skeletons in the closet” has a literal meaning. For thousands of years, believers have erected mantels (or shrines) in their closets for their ghosts whom they consult with to foretell the future. However, sometimes these ghosts don’t have the best of intentions. Sometimes these ghosts would do anything to live again.