These are some of the projects we are currently working on. If you are interested in being part of any of these upcoming projects, feel free to contact us about our investor opportunities.

Asbury Park - Coming Soon

In the summer of 1974 on the boulevards of Asbury Park, New Jersey, cruising and drag racing were a way of life. The last breed of ‘Greasers’ still held onto their roots as the local mechanics racing their hotrods along ‘The Circuit’, while young and talented up and coming musicians performed at the iconic Stone Pony rock n’ roll club, vying to become the next big thing.
Young ace mechanic and top dog Greaser Bobby Dilfer’s whole world is cars, his friends and the underground drag racing circuit run by his mentor Charlie Trimboli (Academy Award Winner Joe Pesci) and his comrade Nelson (Ryan Guzman), the trouble-making leader of the Marauder Motorcycle Club. When his beautiful ex-girlfriend Gloria (Sofia Carson) moves back to town for the summer, Bobby’s world is turned upside down.
Gloria is smitten with rising local rocker Johnny Balantine, who makes all the girls swoon as he rocks the stage of the legendary Stone Pony. Like Bobby, Johnny is enraptured with Gloria and dreams of whisking her away with him and his band to the big city to make their rock n‘roll dreams reality — and with the support of the not-to-be-messed with Stone Pony General Manager Jack Lloyd, they are well on their way.
As the Greasers and Rockers encroach on each others’ turfs, tensions rise quickly, and Bobby and Johnny’s rivalry over Gloria push the various factions toward a climactic and epic rumble on the beach that will make and break lives, and carve out the Summer of 74’ as infamous and unforgettable.

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Bella Fama - Coming Soon

Bella Fatima is a 17-year-old girl who lives in South Central L.A. with her mom, Luz and little brother, Christian. An incident at home with her mom’s boyfriends triggers Bella’s resentment and confusion and causes her to run away. Bella finds a place to stay in Hollywood with the help of her best friend, where she befriends her new roommates, and gets a job as a housekeeper for casting director, Blanca Harris. Through a fluke event, Bella finds herself reading for a part in an upcoming Mexican soap opera. The producers love her, and Bella’s world will be changed forever.

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Skeletons in the Closet - Coming Soon

Most people don’t realize that the phrase “skeletons in the closet” has a literal meaning. For thousands of years, believers have erected mantels (or shrines) in their closets for their ghosts whom they consult with to foretell the future. However, sometimes these ghosts don’t have the best of intentions. Sometimes these ghosts would do anything to live again.

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